Little Angels

Donation : $1,500/ $20,000

Little Angels Project is one of on going Point Five International projects mainly forced on Needy and Orphan Children, The project is committed to improving the lives of this children, and offering them what any child should hope for.



Sanitary Pads

Donation : $793/ $4,500

Provision of sanitary pads will empower them, enhance their dreams, and eventually helps in economic development. The project also aims at training and protecting the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and adolescent girls by keeping them in school.

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Donate Now And Save Life

Donation : $2,500/ $10,000

No matter how small you donate we Point Five International  together with our pertners, local NGOs, CBOs and Communities we make sure your donation reaches the needy where ever they are, We go to them.


We can change life in African with small help

Point Five International is Non-Governmental Organization ( NGO ) that has been working on different issues such as Human Rights , Women And Youth Development, Drugs Control, HIV & AIDS, since 2010.

Our Mission

To fights for the survival and development of the  most vulnerable women, children, youth and protect their basic human rights.

Our Vision

A world where everyone has the opportunity to achieve the fullest potential, participate and contribute to all aspects of life.

Main Goal

To empower all segments of the population so that everyone can be able to realize their full potential in life.

Core Values

At the core of all we do, Point Five International values:

Respect: We affirm the dignity, potential and contribution of participants, donors, partners and staff.

Integrity: Our actions are consistent with our mission. We are honest and transparent in what we do and say, and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions.

Commitment: We work together effectively to serve the lager  community.

Excellence: We constantly challenge ourselves to the highest levels of learning and performance to achieve greater impact.

We promote lasting change by:

  • Strengthening capacity for self-help
  • Providing economic opportunity
  • Delivering relief in emergencies
  • Influencing policy decisions at all levels
  • Addressing discrimination in all its forms

Guided by the aspirations of local communities, we pursue our mission with both excellence and compassion because the people whom we serve deserve nothing less.

Principles & Standards

Independent of political, commercial, military, ethnic or religious objectives Point Five International promotes the protection of humanitarian space. We provide assistance on the basis of need, regardless of race, creed or nationality addressing the rights of vulnerable groups, particularly women and girls.


Our Areas Of Focus


Point Five International’s principles are aligned with those of many other humanitarian agencies, and include:

  • Promote empowerment
  • Work in partnership and communities
  • Ensure accountability and promote responsibility
  • Address discrimination
  • Promote the non-violent resolution of conflicts
  • Seek sustainable results

 Local and International standards

Point Five International maintains active participation and good standing with a variety of internationally recognized organizations working to uphold best practices standards in international aid and development.

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Girls Education

Give a girl an education and watch her change the WORLD. The idea of not being able to attend school because of one’s gender is unthinkable. In many countries in Africa, it’s all too common for girls to be excluded from formal education. In Africa, some 20 million girls are not in school. How fitting that this year’s celebration of Internationa Day of Girl Child focuses on education. Why aren’t these girls in school? It’s a tough question to answer complex social, political, traditional, and economical factors all play a part. Everything from early marriage practices to disease, poverty, and seasonal labor requirements contribute to this catastrophe. The result is devastating only one in four poor African girls attends school.

Feed The Children

We know it takes the power of many to end childhood hunger for good Feed the Children exists to end childhood hunger. It’s the cause upon which we were founded in 2010 and we are continuing to fight for each and every day. We know it takes the power of many to end childhood hunger for good. We connect donors, experts, partners, leaders and communities to attack the problem from all angles.

Women Empowerment

Fighting poverty with grassroots entrepreneurship. Empowering single mothers with Short and long term enterpreneurship, in accordance with our aim is to ensure no child sleeps hungry, by emporwing single mothers this gives the young ones hope for brighter future. In Point Five International our operation is to create enterpreneur opportunities among young mothers, single mothers and youth.

Little Angles Project In Mombasa

05 January, 2017Posted In : Little Angles

6 Little Angles Project, Point Five International team in Mombasa . READ MORE

Little Angles Project

02 January, 2017Posted In : Little Angles

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What Donation Holders say

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    Little Angels Project is one of on going Point Five International projects mainly forced on Needy and Orphan Children.

    The project is committed to improving the lives of this children, and offering them what any child should hope for. We believe we can do this with the larger charities operating here in Africa, we pride ourselves on working with our communities and help where we can.We all know they are the future of tomorrow no child should go thought what others do but with your help we can save lives, give them hope and better future.

    Little Angles
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    On behalf of Point Five International we would like to thank our Chairperson, Mr. Ingebjørg M, Executive Director, Miss Naiga Rehema M, Programme Director Miss, Vivian A. Akinyi, and all Point Five International Team for the great job they have done, and a special thanks to honorable Ombaka Christine for taking her time to be our guest of honor.

    Point Five International is active and stronger as ever.  We in the organization work hard to support women and children in Kenya.  This time we focus on the group of pregnant women, by distributing treated mosquito nets to the needy ones to Save a Life.

    As you know malaria is of special danger to pregnant women, mother and child.  At the same time, it is possible to prevent being infected by having access to good quality mosquito nets.  In Point Five International we want to contribute to this important issue.

    Especially in the rainy season, the mosquitos are in a huge number and thereby create risks for those who cannot protect themselves.  The nets we distribute today, please take good care of them and you can use them for quite a long time.  Install good routines in your home to let the nets protect you and your child.

    There is work going on to develop a vaccine against malaria, but so far this research is at an early stage.  Until we get such a reliable vaccine we have to rely on nets.

    Mosquito Nets