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06 April, 2015 Africa, Causes One, Causes Three
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Fighting poverty with grassroots entrepreneurship.  Empowering single mothers with Short and long term enterpreneurship, in accordance with our aim is to ensure no child sleeps hungry, by emporwing single mothers this gives the young ones hope for brighter future.
In Point Five International our operation is to create  enterpreneur opportunities  among young mothers, single mothers and  youth.  Young Mothers Program, which mobilizes from 13 to 25 old mothers around the communities, job creation model, then adds an element of psychosocial support, freeing of the mind. Independent reviews have found that success is almost guarantee to women who complete the program. Other programs with  street youth and the Youth Enterprise Development Fund have also been successful.


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Fighting poverty with grassroots entrepreneurship


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Point Five International our operation is to create enterpreneur opportunities among young mothers, single mothers and youth


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Young Mothers Program, which mobilizes from 13 to 25 old mothers around the communities

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Little Angels Project is one of on going Point Five International projects mainly forced on Needy and Orphan Children, The project is committed to improving the lives of this children, and offering them what any child should hope for.


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Provision of sanitary pads will empower them, enhance their dreams, and eventually helps in economic development. The project also aims at training and protecting the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and adolescent girls by keeping them in school.

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No matter how small you donate we Point Five International  together with our pertners, local NGOs, CBOs and Communities we make sure your donation reaches the needy where ever they are, We go to them.


Our Mission

To fights for the survival and development of the most vulnerable women, children, youth and protect their basic human rights.