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Non-violence Program

Protecting unarmed civilians nonviolently proven effective worldwide.

“Unarmed civilian protection is a method for direct protection of civilians and violence reduction that has grown in practice and recognition. In the last few years, it has especially proven its effectiveness to protect children, youth and women,”

Therefore increased integration of education for peace and conflict prevention in education policy and programming is critical to achieving these goals and a culture of peace and non-violence. To date, however, resources and interventions have often been stand-alone, and not embedded as part of a more systematic integration within education systems. The promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence through education is core to Point Five International’s mission and mandate. Africa is a priority region for Point Five Internatinal and it is also the region with the highest incidence of violent conflict globally and as such Point Five Internatonal is seeking to strengthen the systematic promotion of education for peace and conflict prevention in the region. The project aims to draw on the rich resources and diverse experience of Point Five International and others in this field by, in a first phase, comprehensively mapping existing education for peace and conflict prevention resources. The results of the mapping will be available to Point Five International and the partners organisation. The review will, in a second phase, inform the development of a specific package of capacity support for key stakeholders including Ministries of Education, teacher-training institutes etc. in Sub Saharan Africa with a view to strengthening policy and programming.

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