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General Questions

1) Does the NGO support the long-term vision and strategy of the company?


2) Will it engage and inspire employees at all levels?



3) Will it provide tangible, measurable credible results?


4) Will your stakeholders recognize it as a strategic and appropriate use of your resources, products, skills and otherwise believe that what you’re doing is important, effective and appropriate?


5) Does the NGO have a successful track record working with corporations?


6) What is the NGOs true mission?


7) What is the reputation of the NGO?

  • We have a very positive reputation as we ensure transparency, integrity and honesty in our dealings. Our employees and partners always have to sign code of conduct, which define our values and principles guiding our dealings. One of the reasons why we are still moving on strongly after six years in operations is the reputation that we have created over the years. The community has developed a trust towards us and our partners feel at ease with us and so this ensures that we maintain a high state of level headedness. We do not condone corruption or any form of misconduct. Our organizational rules are water tight and give no room for any form of mediocrity be it from the management or the employees. Ours is service to humanity and their benefits from our services outweighs in individual benefit that one may long for in our organization.



  • Our true mission remains to fight for the survival and development of the  most vulnerable women, children, youth and protect their basic human rights as well as enhance the democratoc space available for the vulnerable groups in the society (children,girls, youths and women) to allow them ascend to leadership positions.
  • There is no action that does not offer a reaction and yes, reactions are normally tangible. The issue only comes in with credibility. When the reaction is triggered in a positive way then definitely there will be tangible credible results. When a company impacts the life of a community, it is obvious that the community will own up the company. The owning up of the company is one sure step of marketing and thus means that the products of the company will penetrate the specific market with a lot of ease. So one of the tangible credible results is ease in marketing. Secondly, when a community identifies wholly with a brand, it becomes difficult for a competitor to set it since the mindset is already set towards the company. When a company works with the community; the people’s purchasing power towards the company increases. This is because people see it as a company that belongs to the community. In this case, selling the products in the area or within the demographics becomes easier. In the company, there will be increased productivity among employees and increased production as well since the demand goes high. The employees will enhance their productivity, as they understand the needs of the community. The fact that ideas come from the community means that the products are tailor-made such that it is what the community wants and so there is no vagueness, which would otherwise lead to low sales or production.

Stakeholders are always concerned about the wellness of a company and one of the ways of achieving wellness is through partnerships. When this company partners with Point Five International it is prudent that the stakeholders are briefed and made to understand the formula involved. The issue of skills, resources, and appropriateness of the partnership should be well defined to them. The simplest way to elaborate the above to them and make them see the sense is through the principle of community social responsibility and opening up new markets as well as inspiring and motivating the workforce in the company. There is also the issue of idea generation from the community to the company, which will ensure that services and products are tailor-made to meet the needs of the community rather than having a blue print approach, which may not be relevant to the customers. It also saves the company on issues of research, as the feedback is instant and honest, as the community owns up the company. So, yes with all due respect the stakeholders would definitely buy the idea if well explained to them.

Yes, there is a need for all the employees to engage in community service for them to understand how their actions influence the end user of the products and services that the company produces. The inspiration comes from the fact that through these actions, the employee becomes cognizant of the fact that they are an important component of the company. When there is self worth and feeling of the same one feels valued and works hard and smart for the company. When only a few people take the credit then others may feel left out of the system. Therefore, Point Five International engaging different departments to inspire students in schools, mothers in homes and youths in the settlements through motivational talks and just interactions with simple donations will indeed see the employees feel part and parcel of the company. This will enhance synergy and create a feeling of belonging in the company things, which will increase motivation and inspire all in the company.

Yes, the NGO support the long-term vision and strategy of the organization because salient to any organization’s work there are issues of corporate social responsibility and this is an aspect of company management, which ensures that the company remains afloat in the competitive business field. The organization concentrates its energy towards alleviating needs of the community and with a keen interest on the vulnerable in the society. These are the youths, children, women and girls and in retrospect any company that touches on the lives of this demographic will definitely get in touch with the main customer base and so yes, the organization if partners with the company can ensure that this customer base remains loyal and keeps the company afloat all the time.


General Questions