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Our Mission

To fights for the survival and development of the  most vulnerable women, children, youth and protect their basic human rights.

Our Vision

A world where everyone has the opportunity to achieve the fullest potential, participate and contribute to all aspects of life.


Where We Work



Fighting Poverty

Fighting poverty with grassroots entrepreneurship.  Empowering single mothers with Short and long term enterpreneurship, in accordance with our aim is to ensure no child sleeps hungry, by emporwing single mothers this gives the young ones hope for brighter future.
In Point Five International our operation is to create  enterpreneur opportunities  among young mothers, single mothers and  youth.  Young Mothers Program, which mobilizes from 13 to 25 old mothers around the communities, job creation model, then adds an element of psychosocial support, freeing of the mind.

Provide Food

Feed the Children exists to end childhood hunger. It’s the cause upon which we were founded 35 years ago and the one that we continue to fight for each and every day. We know it takes the power of many to end childhood hunger for good. We connect donors, experts, partners, leaders and communities to attack the problem from all angles. We at Point Five International are taking a stand and we will not rest until every child has enough to eat.

Woman Right

Women around the world are more likely to live in poverty just because they are women. They have less access to land, education, income and decision making  all of which keeps them poor.

Point Five International puts women and women’s rights at the centre of all our work because we believe this inequality is an injustice we must fight. And we believe that gender is critical to understanding the causes of poverty and injustice.

We work with women across the world to identify the changes they want to see and to empower them to claim their rights.

Point Five international also defends the rights of women and girls to live free from gender-based violence; to secure a fairer division of care work and to control their own sexuality.

We believe that women are powerful forces for change. In everything we do, Point Five Internatioanl believes the best way to end poverty is to strengthen women in their own struggles, helping them to unleash their own potential to change the world.

Girls Education

Give a girl an education and watch her change the WORLD
The idea of not being able to attend school because of one’s gender is unthinkable. In many countries in Africa, it’s all too common for girls to be excluded from formal education.  In  Africa, some 20 million girls are not in school.  How fitting that this year’s celebration of Internationa Day of Girl Child  focuses on education.

Why aren’t  these girls in school? It’s a tough question to answer complex social, political, traditional, and economical factors all play a part. Everything from early marriage practices to disease, poverty, and seasonal labor requirements contribute to this catastrophe.  The result is devastating only one in four poor African girls attends school.