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Save a Life

On behalf of Point Five International we would like to thank our Chairperson, Mr. Ingebjørg M, Programme Director Miss, Vivian A. Akinyi, and all Point Five International Team for the great job they have done, and a special thanks to honorable Ombaka Christine for taking her time to be our guest of honor.

Point Five International is active and stronger as ever.  We in the organization work hard to support women and children in Kenya.  This time we focus on the group of pregnant women, by distributing treated mosquito nets to the needy ones to Save a Life.

As you know malaria is of special danger to pregnant women, mother and child.  At the same time, it is possible to prevent being infected by having access to good quality mosquito nets.  In Point Five International we want to contribute to this important issue.

Especially in the rainy season, the mosquitos are in a huge number and thereby create risks for those who cannot protect themselves.  The nets we distribute today, please take good care of them and you can use them for quite a long time.  Install good routines in your home to let the nets protect you and your child.

There is work going on to develop a vaccine against malaria, but so far this research is at an early stage.  Until we get such a reliable vaccine we have to rely on nets.  It is also important to cover the body with clothes in evenings after sunset.

We thank everyone for the support you have given us and we hope and pray to save more lives in the future.


Executive Director

Naiga Rehema M,